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TierPeak is designed to help small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) efficiently manage their projects.

TierPeak offers a variety of features for project management and tracking. Boost your company's productivity. Boards, cards, and task lists provide a clear view of the progress of your projects.

TierPeak - Project Dashboard

Unlimited number of project management boards

We understand that businesses manage multiple projects simultaneously. That's why TierPeak offers you the ability to create an unlimited number of project management boards.

Organize your project management boards according to your needs. Enjoy an unlimited number of management stages.

Create cards for each task and idea. Cards can hold all the necessary information for your work. You can schedule appointments, take notes, and assign tasks to team members.

Cards can be updated manually or automatically.


Set up triggers and actions to automate almost every movement of cards on your project management boards, and let TierPeak do the work.

Easily configure rules to ensure that important steps are followed.

Automate notifications, appointment scheduling, form submissions, and more.

Share information automatically with thousands of applications using our integrations, all in real-time.

TierPeak Automations
TierPeak Conversation

Centralized all your communications

Real-time synchronization of your Gmail or Microsoft Outlook emails, as well as text messages. Facebook Messenger, Instagram Direct Message, and WebChat conversations all in one place.

For managing interactions with project stakeholders, TierPeak allows you to keep a history of interactions, centralize communications, handle change requests, and automate notification sending.

These features enable businesses to better manage their projects, provide quick and accurate responses to inquiries, and maintain constant communication with stakeholders.

Conversations are accessible to all members of your team or specific users as needed.

Meeting and appointment scheduling

TierPeak is your all-in-one solution for meeting and appointment scheduling. Say goodbye to endless email exchanges to find a suitable time for everyone.

Allow your clients to choose the most convenient time for individual or team meetings. Bringing together an entire team to present your project has never been easier.

The appointment management tool in TierPeak is seamlessly integrated in real-time with your Microsoft Outlook or Google Calendar. We take care of handling schedule conflicts.

Need to share a link for a virtual meeting? TierPeak integrates with Zoom and Google Meet.

TierPeak - Meeting management
TierPeak Client Portal

Client Portal

TierPeak's client portal is a secure place where your clients and team members can engage in discussions and sign up for your online training sessions. This feature enhances the sense of belonging for your clients and can increase their engagement with your business.

The portal can be customized to reflect your company's branding. You can set up your logo, color scheme, etc., to provide a consistent and familiar experience.

You have the option to quickly set up your private group!

Simple integrations

If you are already using a project management solution, no worries. TierPeak is integrated with thousands of applications.

Exchange information bi-directionally with your favorite apps. Our clients use most third-party applications, such as Trello, Monday, Asana, Zapier, or Make.com.

Discover how TierPeak can help you manage your company's projects.

During a 45-minute demonstration with our experts, explore how TierPeak's features can help your company take things to the next level.

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The TierPeak mission is to build a better future

where technology helps create good jobs for all.

TierPeak are a proud Quebec company in Canada.



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