Simple Integrations

Benefit from custom integrations and seamless compatibility with thousands of applications and systems (Payment, emails, calendar, CRM, ERP, accounting, project management, etc) with TierPeak.

Outlook Logo

Email and calendar

Microsoft Outlook

By using bidirectional synchronization for Outlook, users can link their Outlook account with TierPeak and sync emails between the two platforms.

The integration of Outlook calendar with TierPeak allows users to synchronize their Outlook calendar, access their events, and manage them from one place.

Google Workspace Logo

Email, calendar, and virtual meeting

Google Gmail, Agenda, Meet

By using bidirectional synchronization for Google Workspace, users can link their Google account with TierPeak and sync emails and calendars between the two platforms.

For virtual meetings, there's nothing easier than using Meet and TierPeak. The meeting link generation is automated when scheduling appointments.

Zoom Logo

Virtual meeting


Integrating TierPeak with your Zoom account and group calendars is easy to set up and provides an excellent way to enhance your productivity. By synchronizing your Zoom account with your calendar(s), you can efficiently schedule appointments, send reminders, and track upcoming events all from one place! Additionally, you can manage your webinars seamlessly.

Google Sheets Logo


Google Sheets

This integration is a powerful tool for optimizing data management processes by automating the creation, updating, and deletion of rows.

Take advantage of search features to locate specific rows, ensuring accuracy and providing a comprehensive solution for all your data needs in Google Sheets.

ChatGPT Logo

AI Writing

OpenAI - ChatGPT

The OpenAI ChatGPT integration is used in several modules of TierPeak. It can help generate content faster, easier, and of better quality. Use this integration for web page creation, landing pages, social media posts, and even newsletters.

Facebook Logo

Social media


This integration allows the use of multiple features of this social media platform, including Facebook Messenger, posting articles on pages and groups. Consumer reviews will be captured in TierPeak. LeadForm submissions will be recorded in TierPeak.

Your advertising campaign statistics will be available in performance reports.

LinkedIn Logo

Social media


Simplify the management of LinkedIn posts on individual profiles, company pages, and groups with this integration.

The information from your forms in your LinkedIn Ads will be automatically saved to your contact's profile.

TikTok Logo

Social media


TierPeak utilizes two TikTok integrations.

TikTok Leads Ads for collecting form information and the second integration for publishing articles on the platform.

Instagram Logo

Social media


This integration allows the use of multiple Instagram functions, including Direct Messages for conversations with your consumers, posting Stories, and Reels.

You'll be able to harness the full power of Instagram Business.

Stripe Logo



Accept online payments effortlessly with the Stripe integration. Sell online courses, offer monthly and/or annual subscriptions, and collect fees for scheduled appointments.

In-person credit card billing is also available, directly on your mobile phone. Logo

Payment has been operating for over 20 years, providing payment processing services to businesses of all sizes. The integration of TierPeak with offers features such as recurring billing, mobile billing, and transactions on your web pages or landing pages.

Paypal Logo



More than 400 million consumers use PayPal for their transactions. The TierPeak integration with PayPal enables online and mobile transactions.

Zapier Logo

Connections and automations


The integration between Zapier and TierPeak provides connections and automations with over 5,000 applications. Logo

Connections and automations


Make allows you to integrate with thousands of applications. It is also possible to use Webhooks or develop simple data processing applications, both in real-time and delayed.

Webhooks Logo

Connections and automations

TierPeak Webhooks

The TierPeak automation module allows you to use Webhooks to receive and send data in real-time with other applications. This facilitates integration and communication between different applications, enabling them to work together more efficiently and cohesively.

Shopify Logo



Automatically send emails or texts using TierPeak when a consumer takes specific actions. Messages for abandoned carts, order confirmations, or shipping notifications. This integration will help you build customer loyalty.

WordPress Logo

Content management (CMS)


Our connector allows you to display TierPeak landing pages within your WordPress website pages. You can also use the TierPeak ChatBot, forms, and surveys.

Quickbooks Logo

Accounting and bookkeeping


The integration with Quickbooks enables the exchange of information regarding contacts. Synchronization when creating or updating an invoice in TierPeak. Sending Google or Facebook review requests can be automated. Customer experience questionnaires are also available.

Click here to learn more.

Slack Logo

Messaging and conversation


Slack is a messaging application for businesses that connects people to the information they need. It transforms organizational communication by linking individuals to collaborate as a unified team. The integration with TierPeak allows you to automatically post messages in Slack based on predefined triggers.

Twitter Logo

Social media


Twitter is a microblogging application and one of the most widely used social media platforms worldwide.

The TierPeak integration with Twitter enables the management and scheduling of posts on this platform.

Apple iCloud Logo


Apple iCloud

Discover the effortless integration between Apple iCould Calendar and Calendar App, designed to streamline your scheduling experience.

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